We are looking for a SOLID webmaster that can work with us on our projects. We are currently having tens of thousands of domains and websites and we are managing it all on our own, we are looking for a PROJECT MANAGER that can operate all of it.

Our business model is simple – we are running ads on Facebook/Google, people will see our ads and they will go to a REDIRECT link that each time might take them to a different landing page.

List of responsibilities:
– Google safe browsing is flagging our domains and sites – need to monitor it all the time, in case of flag, needs to replace instantly.
– Sometimes our server provider (Namecheap) is getting an ABUSE report, and it takes them days to review and bring our sites back up. This needs to be monitored and in case it happens we need to replace it instantly
– Fix errors / slow loading times / modifying HTML sites

– Responsibility: we need a responsible and trusted project manager
– Availability: due to the nature of the business, we need availability – someone that won’t complain if something need to be fixed after working hours.
– Organization: as mentioned above, we have tens of thousands of domains, we need it to be well organized and monitored.

Good luck.

Hourly Range: $13.00-$30.00

Posted On: April 01, 2022 07:02 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SEO, Project Management

Country: United Kingdom

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