We sell US real estate courses on our website, and we’re looking for an experienced customer service/customer support rep for our business to perform the following activities:
– Respond to customer service emails, phone calls, and chats regarding ecommerce purchases on our site.  Most inquiries are contacting us to cancel their purchase or ending their subscription.  We use Woocommerce through WordPress for onsite sales, so you’ll need to know how (or be willing to learn how) to cancel purchases in Woocommerce/WordPress & refund purchases through Stripe.
– Answer basic product questions – everything is on our site, so it’s pretty easy to learn. Some people rather ask us instead of reading all the content to find their answer.
– Activate some courses – some schools require us to manually activate student courses, so some of the support work will include taking the student’s information and activating the course on their behalf.
– In some of these instances, you may have to communicate with a school’s customer support representative to troubleshoot problems on behalf of the student.
– 90% of support work is email & about 5% chat & 5% phone calls.

Current Hours –  Mon-Fri (5 days/week) x 2 hours/day
Time of Day – Flexible between 8 AM – 1 PM US central time

We have other projects that can be added to this gig to increase the hours if this works out and you want more hours – ranging from more support, virtual assistant activities, social media, content production.

A successful candidate is someone who has a track record of providing good customer service and is detail oriented and responsible/trustworthy.  Detail oriented – we’d ideally like to teach you how to do the job and then leave you alone to do it + know that you’re going to do a good job without having someone watching you all day every day.  Responsible/trustworthy – we want to work with people who care about our business and will show up for work and do the work when they’re supposed to.  We’re very understanding when you need to miss work/leave early/start late, but please only apply if you’re typically reliable and will show up to work most of the time & will let us know when you can’t or didn’t.  We like to be generous and understanding in all of our business dealings – especially when people work for us – but if you have a tendency to flake out on gigs, please don’t apply to this opportunity.

Hourly Range: $5.00-$7.00

Posted On: April 20, 2022 00:07 UTC
Category: Email, Phone & Chat Support
Skills:WordPress, WooCommerce, US English Dialect, Customer Support, Email Support, Communication Etiquette, Chat Support, Customer Satisfaction, Answering Product Questions

Country: United States

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