Hi everyone. I’m having an issue with my site hierarchy that affects my breadcrumbs and url query.

/============================= BACKGROUND INFO

i am using wordpress and have an elementor theme (so my breadcrumbs are from the elementor pro breadcrumbs widget)

I would like the following hierarchy (which I have included a flowchart for)

1. Homepage.com
2. Homepage.com/blog
3. Homepage.com/blog/post-type
4. Homepage.com/blog/post-type/post

At the moment to achieve this I have the following pages:

Blog page
Page for each post type / category (which displays all posts in that category)

I also have used the CPT UI (custom post types) to create a new post type for each of my categories (i.e. for each homepage.com/blog/post-type I have a CPT). On the screenshot these are called Finance guide posts, car review posts, lender / dealership posts / latest news posts.

/============================= THE PROBLEM

Here is the problem i am facing:

For my category / post type pages, my breadcrumbs display correctly as follows:

Home / Blog / Category
(url is homepage.com/blog/category)

On this page i display posts of that category type, but when I click the post the breadcrumbs look like this (incorrectly):

Home / Post title

Even though the url reads


I would like the breadcrumbs to reflect the url query i.e. it should be as follows:

Home / blog / category / postname

I have messed around with parent / child pages etc for ages and still cannot solve this. I think if you know what you are doing it is an easy fix, but i am new to wordpress and don’t know what i’m doing!

if you can solve it let me know. Would also really love a short explanation of how you solved it, and any general guidance about wordpress site architecture would be appreciated (for example if there’s a more slick way to achieve the architecture I want / whether it is suitable for SEO)

Budget: $10

Posted On: February 16, 2022 23:05 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress Plugin, Elementor, WordPress

Country: United Kingdom

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