We have a a current CMS editor that uses a text editor which allows images, videos and text. This runs on a custom PHP / Ajax Javascript environment.

We would like to replace this with a drag and drop "blog post" creator using the Dragula drag and drop Javascript script. This is essential for the project. Any alternative recommendations will need to be exceptionally strong or the proposal will be dismissed.

What we would like built is:
– Right hand column. Draggable elements created by us – and extendable.
– Middle column. Where the ‘blog post’ is built with drag and drop.
– Left hand column. Where the currently selected element can have setting edited (eg background colour, font size)

The Builder elements:
Page Layout.
– Full screen width Row  container, or fixed width Row container  (background colour can be changed, images added)
– Column containers that can only be dropped in rows. from 1 to 4 columns (background colour can be changed, images added, borders added – including colour, thickness, roundness)
Page Design:
– Horizontal divider
– Vertical divider
– Container – can be dropped into a column and multiple added vertically. Background and borders can be changed, as well as width based on percentage
– Button – Can be set to full width or fixed width. background colour, border, text, url, text size can be set. Can be edited by clicking in element.
Page Content:
– Image – set percentage width, colour width
– video – embed YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, direct link
Page Text
– headline – H1 Text – text can be edited by clicking into the element
– sub headline – H2 text – – text can be edited by clicking into the element
– paragraph. Set background colour, text colour, font size

Ajax / Backend.
We will be program all Ajax endpoints and provide them in your developer enivroment which will be supplied.

To qualify for this project your proposal:
– Must not suggest languages or frameworks other than PHP. You will not do any backend work – only front end javascript. We do not use Angular, Node etc. Suggesting these will mean your proposal is declined.
– Do not under any circumstances suggest WordPress, or send WordPress or examples that are powered by systems that won’t fit with this proposal
– Dragular is our preferred JS to power the front end. If you have a compelling JS or Jquery alternative, we may consider it.
– You must included the word "click" in you proposal
– Part payment will not be made for incomplete projects.

To Maximise Your Chance Of Winning The Proposal
– Bring your own initiative to the project – suggest alternative ways to do things
– Have previous work that demonstrates an understanding of drag and drop builders.
– Mention the word "click". Without it, your proposal will be declined.
– Give an outline for how long you would expect the project to take

– You only deal with the front end code.
– We will create the Ajax endpoints and DB layer to read / create / update / delete
– Javascript raw, Dragula (or similar library, or jquery powered front end

Posted On: February 16, 2022 22:58 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:Web Development, ECMAScript, AJAX, JavaScript

Country: United Kingdom

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