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Do you want to run one or more unusual web and digital projects? Whether you are looking for part time work handling just one project, or a full time role running multiple projects, we may have what you are looking for…

We have a small-to-medium website design and build project kicking off 1-2 weeks from now (nothing huge – fewer than 200 pages – but with quite a few legacy systems to worry about), and a smaller project starting soon after that (about 20 pages, rebuilding a fairly clean existing site with a new design). We also have other projects that you can pick up if you want to be kept busy.

About Us:
* We don’t tell clients what they want to hear. We tell them what they need to hear – but tactfully. They hire us exactly because we know that we will NOT deliver what they expect – but something BETTER.
* We do a lot of unusual work – things like WordPress sites that look nothing like normal WP sites. We really do NOT want to do websites that look like templates. If someone wants the same-old-predictable-website then they don’t need us (they can buy a $50 dollar theme) – if clients are hiring us they want something special.
* Everything we do is focused on serving our clients’ needs, and mutual respect is key to this (we have to respect the client and each other; the client has to respect us and their customers.)
* We are very team-based/collaborative. (Design, production, development, UX, etc. all have to work well together.) But we don’t do group-think or cowardly compromises – we like strong visions to emerge.
* We’re spread across Spain, Britain, Romania, etc… so you can be based anywhere you want so long as you have a good internet connection. Working hours are informal, but most team communication is during the European/African working day, and we usually have a team meeting at 10.30 Central European Time.

About you:
* You love making things happen. You are logical, tactful, good talking with people, you can see problems before they happen, and you execute plans to make sure those problems never happen. In other words – a project manager.
* Some experience of digital work (apps or websites). You might be a technical genius looking to move into project management, a veteran digital PM, a WordPress admin who fancies stepping up to run projects…. You exact background and level of experience could be varied, but you need at least a basic understanding of how digital work is done.
* Fluent in English – spoken and written – and you need to be comfortable speaking on Skype/Slack. Everyone (be they British, Dutch, Egyptian, Nigerian etc.) speaks fluent English, and that is our common language for all team communications.
* You need to be motivated by the idea of getting the team to excel. You are there to get the team to do their best, within the project constraints.

(As a few caveats: we need an individual, not a team (no teams or agencies, please); please only contact us on UpWork. Rate per hour will depend on experience, location, etc. – we can work with someone more junior who wants to learn and grow, or take someone really experienced who can immediately be thrown into the toughest challenges – we’ll fit you in around the existing team… so at this point we can’t predict what a fair rate would be: over to you on that.)

Think that this could be you? OK, then we want to hear from you.

Please start your reply with a one sentence summary of what it is about you that you think will make you great at driving digital projects. Let us know what you want as an hourly rate, and if you would want to do this full time then what do you need as a monthly fee. After that, sure, we’d love to know about past experience, education, etc.

Thanks for reading!

Hourly Range: $15.00-$30.00

Posted On: March 08, 2022 15:07 UTC
Category: Development & IT Project Management
Skills:Digital Project Management

Country: United Kingdom

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