Development of a WordPress Plugin that fetches specific URL params ("id", "campaign" and "name") during each page load and updates campaign values in a Zoho CRM Campaign.
If URL param "name" is available, provide it to WordPress via Shortcode "customer_name" (with empty fallback text)
If URL params "id" & "campaign" are available AND visited URL is "", save "id" param value to cookie "zh_id", "campaign" param value to cookie "zh_campaign" and run a php function to update the status of a contact with id = cookie "zh_id" within Zoho CRM campaign with id = cookie "zh_campaign" to "Geklickt".

– Sanitize all param input
– Use Zoho CRM PHP SDK or Zoho CRM API
– Error handling for Zoho calls (timeouts, errors) to prevent server errors or delays

Budget: $300

Posted On: March 29, 2022 14:08 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress Plugin, WordPress Development, Plugin Development

Country: Germany

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