We are about to develop a new sport team website for our Triathlon team:

Therefore, we want to develop a data base for our team. The date base must include

– Team member (Name, Address, …)
– Events (e.g. Ironman Sitzerland)
– Results (Time, Rank, Overall Rank, Time, Year)

as shown here:

and here:

The idea is, that we administer the team members, events, and results per year in one data base, which makes it ease manage all the data without any redundancy, and that we develop an front-end interface to display it on the new team website.

The detailed task can be discussed, and explained by conf call prior to hiring.


Budget: $300

Posted On: February 16, 2022 15:12 UTC
Category: Database Development
Skills:Web Development, WordPress, MySQL, CSS, PHP

Country: Switzerland

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