We have an API key for a data provider. We need the data pulled regularly, stored locally, and presented on our website via shortcode. The API provider has excellent documentation and even provides a tool to format the requests and parameters. You’re in charge of the local data tables to store that data.

There are two data feeds from the same API that we pull from. You may want two tables to track that data. The shortcode will need to reflect which feed we are loading to the webpage.

The webpage with the shortcode will refresh data (from the local repository) automatically every minute, without reloading the whole page. It refreshes up to 30 times and then it stops and the user will need to push the reload data button to reset the 30 updates. The website visitor will ALWAYS get the local version of the data. If the local data is requested and happens to be more than a minute old, the API data will be refreshed locally and the visitor will see it on the next reload. The age (minutes ago) of the data (last retrieved from the API) is shown on the webpage. We may wish to stop showing the data after 30 minutes and just present a button to "Refresh Data".

The data should be stored locally and refresh at most, once per minute. We don’t want a website pageload to depend on refreshing the data, so whatever is present locally is shown, along with how long ago the data was retrieved. Keep in mind, the pageload and data request will likely cause the API to refresh the data, making it less than 1 minute old now.

Data output:
The shortcode will output data into simple html elements. There are numerous "columns" and headers of data. We’ll control the finer point of what it looks like via CSS. Your code should properly classify columns for hiding on mobile via css.

This project is related to airport flight information. It is "Arrivals" and "Departures" information. Attached is a screenshot SIMILAR to how we want the data presented. All data, including images. are provided by the API.

Your code should provide us with a simple mechanism to determine which columns we want included and their order.

Budget: $500

Posted On: March 21, 2022 23:05 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress Plugin, JSON, XML, PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML

Country: United States

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