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We’re looking for a creative non-fiction writer for our technology website.

The reason we’re looking for creative writers (and not just article or academic writers) is that we want to focus on storytelling within our articles to really connect with readers.

While it’d be nice for this job if you’re tech-savvy, it’s not required – we will train you on all the relevant topic matters.

There will be a regular flow of work – we’re looking for writers who can consistently produce at least 5000 words per week. Deadlines are flexible (within reason) and the content production process is streamlined through our easy-to-use project management software.

You’ll be working as part of our team to grow the site further. We’re looking to build strong, long-term relationships with independent writers. If you’d like, your name will be mentioned in the article bylines, and you’ll also have an opportunity to work with an editor to improve your writing.

It’s important to know before you apply that some articles will be written from templates and may be quite similar to one another.

While that may not be the most inspiring type of work, you’ll get to practice the art of writing and your own voice would definitely have a place to shine.

We’re looking for native English writers.

Our rate is US$0.02/word.

If you have creative non-fiction experience and are looking for more work, please submit an application that addresses the following points in order.

1. A short description of your creative non-fiction writing experience.
2. The word “fish” at the top of your application
3. 2 examples of you writing work – preferably something to do technology, but any non-fiction work will do.
4. 2 examples of you writing work that show your ability to tell a story (can be fiction or non fiction).
5. Your current availability
6. A description of any WordPress and SEO experience you might have (beneficial, but not necessary)
7. Tell me why you write. Why have you chosen this path over others?
8. Do you write English at a native level? Did you grow up speaking English?
9. Why do you want to write for this project? What about it appeals to you?
10. Can you commit to 5000 words a week?
11. How quickly would you be able to turnaround an article of about 2000 words?
12. Any questions you have about the position.

Please address each point in order.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Budget: $100

Posted On: March 29, 2022 05:08 UTC
Category: Creative Writing
Skills:English, Scots Dialect, Hiberno English Dialect, Creative Writing, Blog Content, Article Writing, Copywriting

Country: New Zealand

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