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Do you want to bring visual brilliance and beauty to a range of projects – websites, apps, and more – as part of a friendly, fast-paced team? If so, we have a range of ongoing projects that need a creative designer’s flair.

Right now, we have two web design projects kicking off that need initial creative concepts for a couple of websites. (We also need a couple of posters and some cards, but let’s focus on the bigger projects now…)

Two websites. And we’ll start with the creative concept, the overall feel, the big idea. To be clear: we do appreciate the importance of logical UX design (logical flow through the site, structure, all that good stuff) and if you are into that (and good with Figma etc.) then obviously that’s great. But right now what we need is the initial "high impact" side of the design – visuals that will make a visitor go "wow!"

If that is you – if you can use design to engage visitors emotionally, not just logically, then please get in touch!

About Us:
* We don’t set the deadlines; you do; we don’t decide how long things should take; you do; but once you’ve told us (and we’ve promised that to the client!) deadlines are sacred!
* We do a lot of unusual work – things like WordPress sites that look nothing like normal WP sites. We really do NOT want to do websites that look like templates. If someone wants the same-old-predictable-website then they don’t need us (they can buy a $50 dollar theme) – if clients are hiring us they want something special.
* We have a UX/UI designer on board, but we’ve just lost our long-term creative designer. That means that we are in danger of losing the visual flair of the work. We can’t accept that.
* Everything we do is focused on serving our clients’ needs. So we are extremely respectful of their brand guidelines, existing assets, business needs, etc. We are never designing in a vacuum.
* We are very team-based/collaborative. Design has to work alongside production, development, UX, etc.
* We’re spread across Spain, Britain, Romania, etc… so you can be based anywhere you want so long as you have a good internet connection. Working hours are informal, but most team communication is during the European/African working day, and we usually have a team meeting in the late morning.

About you:
* Ability to craft original visual solutions that address defined needs. So, "creative" but never "self-indulgent".
* Strong technical skills with relevant platforms (we’d expect you to be pretty comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator; after that, it’s up to you – you may have got into web-focused tools like Figma, or you may have explored motion graphics or 3d tools…. We’ll play to your strengths.)
* Also fluent English – spoken and written – and you need to be comfortable speaking on Skype/Slack. Everyone (be they British, Dutch, Egyptian, Nigerian etc.) speaks fluent English, and that is our common language for all team communications.
* An ability to create designs that are brilliant without actually having to be explained. Design is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it hasn’t worked – but there needs to be genius thought behind it.

(As a few caveats: we need an individual, not a team (no teams or agencies, please); please only contact us on UpWork. Rate per hour will depend on experience, location, etc. – we can work with someone more junior who wants to learn and grow, or take someone really experienced who can immediately be thrown into the toughest challenges – we’ll fit you in around the existing team… so at this point we can’t predict what a fair rate would be: over to you on that.)

Still reading? Think that this could be you? OK, then:

When replying please say in the first sentences what project you have done that best delivered an unexpected creative result against a brief (a link, and a couple of lines explaining why it was a good creative solution).

After that, sure, we’d love to know more about you, see examples of past work, of course. But please start off with a quick summary of your most creative on-brief achievement.

Thanks for reading!

Hourly Range: $15.00-$35.00

Posted On: March 10, 2022 10:03 UTC
Category: Graphic Design
Skills:Graphic Design, Web Design

Country: United Kingdom

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