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This is a pretty quick WordPress template job. I would like a child theme created, and the header and footer ONLY for my theme. Please note the following requirements:

1) In the attached .zip file, I only want you to implement the parts of "header_and_footer.png" that are in the bright red rectangles (the header and footer regions).

2) The "Quick Links" should mirror the main menu, and this should be controllable via the wordpress menu tool. If there are sub-menus, they should look like the example shown in "sample_page_with_flyout.png"

3) This should be responsive for mobile. Please note that I do NOT have a mobile design at the moment. I would like you to use your best judgement on a nice-looking mobile menu (using common mobile menu patterns). The footer can just collapse to "stackable" regions, like bootstrap does.

4) "Client login" should direct to the wordpress login page.

5) "Get a Quote" should use the WP Forms plugin. Please create a simple form to use and have the submissions go to my email (I will provide this).

6) The social links should be configurable in the WordPress admin somehwere. The link URLs are going to change occasionally, so these should not be hard-coded. I.e., make it so that a non-tech person can update the URLs. This is also true for the address information at the bottom of the footer. Please make those editable in the wordpress admin (or theme configurator, etc.)

REMEMBER: I ONLY need the header and footer, nothing else. Do not try to design complete pages. That will be a future project!

Finally, please note that I will give you github access to the repo where my wordpress code is held, and also admin access to the wordpress admin environment. In my system, I have git commits hooked to a CI builder, which then deploys the WP theme to an EC2 instance.

Hourly Range: $10.00-$40.00

Posted On: March 10, 2022 03:50 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Mobile App Design, CSS, HTML5, WordPress, HTML, PHP, JavaScript

Country: United States

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