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I am looking for someone to create a web page with format as shown in the attachments. I have attached two pictures with this.  Format_page_0 and format_page_1.  Initially when they open the site, they will see a page like Format_page0.  That has a form with search keywords.  Once they enter some keywords and press search, they will see a page similar to Format_page_1.  This page has a lot of items listed with one item below the other.  There can be a maximum of 240 items.  Each item has a picture, a descriptive name and a price.  There will be a link under the image so that when the user presses that, it takes them to that link.  Each of these parameters (link to image, link under the image, name, and price) are passed to this in the context as a double list.

Note:  This is very similar to the way products are displayed on

Note:  This html file is to run on my standalone Django web server

Budget: $100

Posted On: February 19, 2022 00:57 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Landing Page, HTML

Country: Australia

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