I’m looking for someone who can create a Isometric Grid like the one that has Procreate. But as a plugin for the Program Easy Paint Tool Sai V2.

You can see the Official Easy Pain tool sai program site here:

Here is a Video of how the Isometric Grid on Procreate works:

This video Is how I would like the grid to work but in the program Easy Pain Tool Sai V2.
I want the lines of any Brush to snap to the grid  so I can make quick perfect lines when drawing. And I want to add the grid whenever I want it in the program.

The program Easy Paint tool Sai V2. Already has a Perspective Tool included I will attach an image so you can see the tool that already has.
Here is also a video so you can see how the Grid tool that the program already has functions:
The problem is that the program doesn’t have an isometric grid in the perspective tool which I need to quickly draw.

– To finalize I need a Plugin of an Isometric Grid that adapts to the perspective tool that the program Easy Paint tool sai has. (Something similar to the Procreate Grid tool)

Finally I will provide my version of the program so you can make the plugin if I hire you.

Thank you!

Budget: $100

Posted On: February 16, 2022 19:07 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Development, C++, Desktop Application, Windows App Development, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Windows, Raster Graphic

Country: United States

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