Due to the nature of our business, we must work with freelancers who are native English speakers, and it is much preferred (although not essential) if freelancers are familiar with the UK by either living here or working with mainly UK clients.

We operate 6 UK niche job board/career websites and and are looking to hire one or more professional content writers to research, write, make any suggested amendments and then publish SEO optimized blogs and other website content on a fixed monthly retainer.  

Due to the volume of content required (approximately 30 pages per month with scope to expand this further) we would consider more than one freelancer for the works.

Scope of Works


It’s important that content is written to the highest SEO/gramattical standards. A few notes on this are:

• All content must be written using UK English (i.e. not Americanisms) as it is exclusively targeting a UK audience.
• Quality of content is essential. Whilst we’d not set any min/max word counts, we would expect that due consideration is given to the competitiveness of the keyword(s) chosen and similar articles that exist to ensure each page has realistic prospects of ranking on page 1 of the search enginers.
• We use various tools to ensure copy is of the highest standard from both an SEO and English language perspective, including: Jarvis, SEO Surfer, Grammarly, SEMrush and Yoast. We would propose to give access to these tools for the successful freelancers to maintain consistency with what we’ve previously written, to maintain the highest quality, and to speed content writing up.   

Other works

1. Researching topics – We would expect the successful freelancers to research topics. However, we also will put forward ideas/thoughts, and would propose to maintain a master list of approved titles/topics, then meet once a month to agree on any new titles/topics, so the list is always fresh and up to date.
The following two areas could be managed by us if needed, however, it’s hoped given the long term relationship we are hoping to develop with the successful freelancers that we’ll be able to provide training on how to do this as it’s extremely straightforward:

2. Posting/scheduling blogs – We would hope the successful freelancer could schedule/post blogs and/or pages on our WordPress CRM and ensure all green in Yoast.
3. Images – We have a large bank of images and can source any new ones where required. If an image is used, it’s expected this would be posted and an alt-tag added when uploading the content to the site.

Please see attached document.

Contract/retainer information


• We will be considering proposals on/before 22 April at which time we will review each proposal and shortlist any proposals for further questions and/or a meeting.
• We would consider more than one freelancer for the works.  
• Works can start as early as 1 May 2022 or as late as 1 June 2022.
• If we remain satisfied with the quality of work, there is no reason why the contract won’t continue indefinitely or that the volume of work might increase (we have various other content requirements outside this scope).

Please do not provide a price per word. We are looking for a fixed monthly price for 30 blogs/pages per month as a starting point and then we can work from there.

We accept articles will range in length, and will vary in complexity, and some will be helped greatly by the SEO tools e.g. Jarvis and some will not. It is important that freelancers factor this in, in particular the benefit of using SEO tools, and the fact that familiarity with content/style/topics (including from amendments we suggest when checking) will come quickly due to the volumes required.

Nonetheless, when providing a price for the works it should include all costs associated with this scope and include for a 1-hour meeting at the beginning of each month to discuss/agree/sign off on topics/content required etc.

Hourly Range: $25.00-$50.00

Posted On: April 11, 2022 20:55 UTC
Category: Content Writing
Skills:Content Marketing Strategy, Education, Business Writing, Advertising, Marketing, English, British English Dialect, Content Writing, Researcher, Blog Content, SEO, SEO Writing, Article, Website Content, Blog Writing, Article Writing

Country: United Kingdom

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