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We had another developer start on car wrap/sign estimation calculator tool, however, he is not able to finish it. If this goes good, we have more tasks/projects.

1. Create a tool that will allow car wrap/sign shops do estimates/quotes for potential jobs
2. This will be to do calculations similar to how sites like (link removed) or (link removed)
3. Another developer has started on this, we need you to confinue on this, and maybe give suggestions to make this better/more user friendly.
4. Needs to be well versed in ui/ux, as we want this to be a good user experience and easy to use.
5. I would like whoever worked on this, has experience building a tool like this.  Would be great they are familar with the car wrap/sign industry.
6. Should be able to use build tools like grunt/gulp.
7. Should be able to set up project yourself (Docker)

We need an expert Full Stack Yii2 developer to help us with a project. This application has been built already.  It is a responsive SAAS application that does quotes, invoicing, scheduling, and accept payments.  It also has a mobile app. We will need same updates done to mobile app. We also have a wordpress plugin. We are working on phase 2.  Developer DOES NOT have to have experience in Yii2 (though it is peferable), but they need to have experience with a PHP MVC framework and able to pick up Yii2 quickly. Developer needs to be smart, able to figure things out themselves with no hand holding, learn new, better ways to do things, meet deadlines and have good communication.  Developer needs to be able to look at code and understand the system and what the business is trying to do.  Developer needs to write high quality code.  We do not want developers who write buggy code and do not take the time to test their own code. Our last developer couldn’t do this, so if you can’t also, do not apply. Developer needs to know Yii2/PHP standards and conventions.

I am looking for both individuals and agencies. If this project goes good, I will have other projects also in other technologies. If I hire an agency,
I need a good project manager that can manage the developers work, getting the work done according to requirements and handling deadlines. I am a coder myself, so I will be able to do code reviews myself and I know bad code when I see it. Also, I have a general idea of how long a task should take.

Preferred skills:
Yii2 and/or Laravel
GIT – Will be working with other developers so need to be able to make branches, merge/rebase code into your branch. Will be able to handle ever changing requirements.
Car Wrap/Sign Industry experience

Knowing how to use standard project management tools properly – Trello, Jira, Etc.
DeployHQ for Deployments
* Would be good if they knew a little dev ops also, so they can configure servers.

To Apply:
1. Post top 3 of your best sites/applications that you have built that are Yii or Laravel?
2. Please show examples of similar estimation/calculator tools
3. Are you a team our individual?
4. How long have you been working with Yii2 or Laravel?
5. Send Yii2 or Laravel / code samples of your own, custom code.
6. What hours can you work — We prefer someone that can work USA hours, but it’s not an absolute requirement.
7. Do you currently have another job or are working on other projects?
8. What is that latest version of Yii2 or laravel you have developed on? How about PHP?
9. Do you know how to use grunt/gulp?
10. If you have a rate — please put that. The budget is a placeholder.
11. Are you able to do mobile also? It’s in swift. If not that’s ok.

Posted On: February 23, 2022 03:51 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Database Design, Web Application, Custom PHP, Responsive Design, UX/UI, WordPress Plugin, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Git, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Laravel, Website Redesign, Website Optimization, Grunt, gulp, Web Design, Web Development, Angular, Yii2, Unit Testing, Swift

Country: United States

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