We are looking for one or more people to help us with taking our existing web app project to the next level.

Our current website is a simple booking portal with 4 steps (see attached video)
It´s based on WordPress multisite and the bookly plugin today.

We want to have a more SaaS oriented website where customers can log in to their Tenant/space/project use the booking module.

In the future we will develop more modules that our customers can add to their project

– We will start up with a MVP with core features from today
– Source code stored on Github or Azure Devops.
– We will deliver a more user requirement specification and wireframes
– The new website should be multilingual
– We like to use standardized frameworks where possible
– The website should have a login system with multiple roles (Tenant admin, Site admin, regular user)
– Notifications system with email, SMS, (maybe push)
– Steps in the booking system today
– location / site
     o Possible to select site
– Select Service
– Booking time
– Booking details (with upload of documents)
– Confirmation
– There should be a staff area where they can see all bookings and download in Excel format
– More advanced booking features will be specified in a URS
– We prefer to use Azure for cloud services and hosting
– There should be a login system with possibility to create a user, reset password.
– Should be prepared to offer MFA in the future.
– Should be ready to include SAML SSO in the future login is a plus
– We want it to be possible to create a webview version of the site for a simple IOS and Android app.
– Open for use of containerized app

You are the expert so the skills added is not correct or exhaustive.
Please give input for best language/framework to use for this kind of project.

If possible please give an estimate of what you think it will take to create a MVP as a start.

Hourly Range: $13.00-$30.00

Posted On: March 31, 2022 13:10 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:React, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap, Vue.js, HTML5

Country: Denmark

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