Looking for an experienced Shopify store builder.

Must have:

*Confidence in their abilities
*Understand how to build a compelling Shopify store
*Ability to integrate all necessary applications for analytics and ease of customer purchasing
*Ability to change items on request
*An understanding of how to build a website that converts sales
*Ability to add many products to a multiple product store with corresponding images and pricing
*A decent copywriting ability
*Fluent in English
*The ability to implement our current Website feel into a new Shopify store
*Ability to provide suggestions in regards to our goals

Below is what our current website looks like:


This is what our current Shopify looks like:


As you can see there is a drastic difference. We would like to either combine the two sites into one with a complete makeover OR redesign the Shopify store and edit the main site slightly.

As a side note, we will be selling Printers and Toners through the Shopify store.

Please apply if you think you can help us.

Thank you.

Hourly Range: $10.00-$100.00

Posted On: March 21, 2022 21:08 UTC
Category: Logo Design
Skills:Shopify, Web Development, Web Design, Shopify Apps, Landing Page, SEO, Ecommerce Platform Development, Competitive Analysis, WordPress

Country: United States

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