We need a website / app for a marketplace.
People would buy and sell used goods, being able to buy and sell with their same account, like Poshmark or eBay. This MUST be a project created from scratch, no WordPress or templates or plugins.
This will use an external´s bank API for e-commerce to receive credit card payments. The API will be provided.

It must have three areas:
1. Front end for final users: Native app for iOS and Android, and website (PHP / Laravel (optional))
2. Administrator´s site.
3. Superadmin´s site.

1. Final users:
– Login (all login, forgot password, etc.)
– Feed: Here all the products will be displayed, according to user´s preferences, as we will see.
– Categories: All the products in different categories created by Superadmin will be displayed here.
– Search: Users will search for products according to their specifications, as we will see.
– Product: Users will be able to see the products and buy them.
– Chat: every product will allow users to communicate with the seller, and he/she will be able to respond from their app or website. All historic information needs to be preserved.
– Sell: Users will be able to sell products uploading or taking pictures. All resizes will be made on the fly. Images will be stored in AWS and we´ll ned the Superadmin to be able to see the images. The seller will be able to select different items that will be administered by the Administrators (size, color, shape, etc.) All those options will be dynamic, so Admins will be able to set the name and items of a specific one (for example, they will be able to add "Color" and set all the colors they need). Once the products have been uploaded, the Admins will get a notification to approve or deny them. All emails will be sent to the sellers so they know the reason of their rejection if it was the case.
– Users will be able to "like" a product and "follow" a seller. The feed they will have will be the results of all the products of all the sellers they follow, and all the products that those sellers have "liked".
– Profile: Users will be able to change their profile picture, sizes (so this will act as filter in the results from the search or categories), their likes, the people they are following and the followers they have. They will be able to see their orders (both bought and sold) and see the status, which will be changed by the Admin. Users will also be able to see their payments status.

2. Admin:
– There will be a number of admins, each one with specific roles, created by the Superadmin. The roles are according to the services they will be able to provide. Those are:
– Admins will see all users and will be able to delete them. All products and interaction with other users (for example chats) will be deleted as well.
– They will create categories and subcategories.
– They will see all the products in "waiting for approval" so they can approve or reject. Emails and push notifications will be sent to the users and their history will be updated.
– They will be able to see payments from each user to others, and will approve or reject them.
– They will have a ticket system so they can solve users´ problems.  The ticket system will send emails in every interaction to the users until they are closed.
– Admins will be able to create users if they need to.
– They will see reports of items sold and bought (bar charts in javascript/dhtml or anything that looks nice).

3. Superadmin:
– SA will be able to create/edit/delete users.
– SA will see Admin´s reports: products approved/rejected, tickets solved.
– SA will be able to create product categories, add icons to those categories, as well as descriptions.
– SA will see all other reports. The reports for all users will be (in configurable timeframe): number of new users, items sold, items liked, most popular accounts, most active sellers.

The code must be included. Apps must be programmed for iOS and Android (no hybrids).
Thank you very much.

Budget: $20,000

Posted On: March 31, 2022 23:13 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Development, JavaScript, Web Design, PHP, Prototyping, CSS, iOS, Android, phpMyAdmin

Country: Costa Rica

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