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We need to build a WordPress website that will list all fields/houses goal of this website is list all existing land patents. Cause in some countries land register doesn’t properly work there are doesn’t provide information in real time it’s long and not provide online quick solution.
Two ways to search  :

1-Valid number of land patent and relative owner name and size of land outuput (green,orange,red) orange for mistake typo.
2-Via usual criterias city/size (lower than or equal to 500m2 or more than 500m2)/neighborhood/already built/ongoing to build/only ground/villager field

Website will be free to know if field/house is existing, free information display a red light green for available everything is clean, orange for existing in our db but due to maybe in the course of sale cause we provide contact, red for not list in our database or listed with dispute
Everyone (previously registered) should be able to leave a comment about a land, comments will be viewable after we validate them.
 Buyers have to pay when they need to get more information about field/house like name and contact of seller, status of field/house (if there is some disputes, in the course of sale etc..).

To register free seller need to provide some fields should be viewable when user/buyer click on it we will able to know what field are more check (time,date and number of time) in order to make our reports by cities and neighborhood :

Upload Land patent not available for buyers (only for sellers) mandatory
Cell phone (buyer need to click to see)  mandatory
Login via Facebook or mail
Mail (buyer need to click to see)  mandatory
Upload id card  mandatory
Upload photos of land/house 1 for free overs should be paid
Free fields for additionnal informations if needed (no need to click).
Additional features when buyers paid :

1-Internal chat/mail buyers/sellers with ack
2-Implement Whatsapp business for live chat
3-Notifications sent by mail to users when it isn’t connected (and will be able to directly reply)
4-Informations have to also be available : last logged (day and time) and average reply time
5-Storing search request of each
6-User/buyer should be able to save lands ads and see lands ads saved, owner/seller received a notification of interest he could see user/buyer contact if he pay
7-Seller/owner should be able to see number of view of their ads
8-Be able to send some alert to users about their requests
9-Same seller could be owner of several land/house could be list if buyer paid of course if ad deleted

Users paid us to check information about land pattent we will give a cashback to buyers.
Buyers need to pay to add more than one piture.

Integration of backend and payment method is also required via :

1-Orange money

With 3 plans :
For end user 
-Annual with annual fees and cheaper 
-On demand 

For corporate
-Only annual

We need to admin panel to view all data that will store all these data on MySQL db informations
If possible : Be able to geolocalize users else get maximum information from cookies.
A planning need to be done on Trello in order to manage project and get an overview ofp each step of project.

Budget: $250

Posted On: March 10, 2022 21:08 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Google Maps API, Stripe, Payment Gateway Integration, WordPress, HTML5, Web Development

Country: France

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