The project is about creating a fully functional WordPress website based on this template (license will be provided) and using the Elementor Page Builder. All content (copy + photos) will be provided in the English language and it must be uploaded on the website.

Notes on implementation:

– We will not use the booking functionality of the template but instead it should have a button on each Accommodation single page which will redirect the user to an Airbnb listing. The link to the Airbnb listing should be set as a custom field on the Accommodation post type using ACF plugin.
– A contact form should be added to each Accommodation single page below the booking button that will act as a Request Form for the specific Accommodation. The Request Form will have some fields (eg. name, email, dates, etc) and will send an email to the administrator of the website, including the name of the Accommodation option.
– Responsiveness must be assured and checked for any issues
– Structure must be SEO optimized in terms of headings, etc
– The final website must adhere to the W3C strandards and pass the checks with 0 errors (warnings are irrelevant)
– It must be multilingual using WPML (license will be provided) but only the content of the English language should be added to the website before delivering
– The Accommodation options are at different locations and each location will have a dedicated page. Eacah page will include information about the location and a grid with the related accommodation options (no search, filter, sort, etc)
– The website will be based on the given template but we will have to restructure the pages to meet the project’s requirements where needed. The idea is to use the available elements from the template and build each internal page with those. We will give specific guidelines for which elements to use at which internal page.
– All the visual implementation must be done using the Elementor Page Builder and not via PHP templates. If additional styling is required and not provided by the template, then css classes or css overrides of native Elementor styles (eg. small, medium, large text) must be used in order to retain re-usability of the elements.


– Home
– Stay
– – Location #1
– – – Accommodation option #1
– – – Accommodation option #2
– – – …
– – Location #2
– – – Accommodation option #3
– – – …
– Services
– About
– – Who we are
– – Project portfolio
– Contact

Budget: $500

Posted On: April 01, 2022 10:13 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:WordPress Development, WordPress, Elementor, Web Development, WordPress Theme

Country: Greece

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