– Website (kronos-trading.com)
– Dashboard to pick your strategy
– Payment system
– Support system
– API connectivity

Everything is built on wordpress, but we may consider moving to another framework and build from scratch if necessary



Amount: TBD
Deadline: ASAP


1. Connect our Trading View to Telegram bot.
2. Signals must show following data:

(MESSAGE 1) XRPUSDT – LONG ALERT – 29/03 à 22:35:02 (UTC 0) at 0.8462

(MESSAGE 2) XRPUSDT – CLOSE LONG at 0.8551 – Positions performance 0.97% (A total of 0.47% or 6.98$ for a complete 1500$ portefolio, leverage 1)


Bot must be thoroughly tested before delivery.



Amount: $1500
Deadline: April 7th


1. Go through the existing code, see what inefficiencies it has got and decide to improve the current system OR developer determines that it is better to build new app from scratch.
2. Make sure to add asynch to meet the requirements (see below).
3. Figure out the best deployment practice for such system
4. Deploy, test and optimize.

Requirements :

We will test on about 10 accounts, for both FTX and Binance, and all accounts must get the orders within 500-1000ms from the time the signal is sent



Amount: $1500
Deadline: TBD


1. Multi-strategy trading: Implement possibilities for user to connect to multiple strategy instead of a single one. For instance, User 1 can use Strategy 1 with 100% of his capital, while User 2 can use Strategy 1 with 70% of capital and strategy 2 with 30%
2. Statistics: User can keep track of balance, PNL and withdrawals of his trading account directly into his KRONOS dashboard.
3. Referral system: For each sponsored person, we will redistribute 10% of the purchases of each sponsored person. (1) Admin can change the earnings % for each user manually. (2) 10% by default but it can be increased or decreased for each specific user. (3) User should have the possibility to claim his earnings into cryptocurrency in one click (click “claim”) which will automatically submit a ticket with the subject “claim referral earnings”.
4. Indicators: Create a new section where Users can rent our indicators

Requirements :

All features must be thoroughly tested and approved by hiring party before sending payments.

Budget: $3,000

Posted On: March 30, 2022 11:06 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Database Architecture, Web Application, Web Development, API, JavaScript, API Integration

Country: France

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