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You’ll make a simple WordPress post code inserter.
You add some code to the settings screen, it adds it to all posts in that category.

Check the attached image, it’s self explanatory.

Essentially we’ll be able to insert some html/javascript in the plugin settings, hit save, and it will enter this code in certain locations in the post: after the first paragraph, after the last paragraph, or before one or more H2 tags.

– Changing the inputs will update all the posts on the blog. (Show progress bar, show when status complete)
– Changing the posts is reversible by removing the code boxes and hitting save. To make it super simple, you can add a div wrapper with a class, so removing is super easy!
– Changing the posts saves the posts in the WordPress database with the code as if it’s part of the post, no dynamic loading. The plugin will not be detectable by front-end users, and will run entirely on the backend.
– Always do your best to add both the "all categories" and the "special category" code, but the specific category rule will always win in case both rules compete for the same spot.
– Let’s say we added some code to show before the 4th H2 element, but the post doesn’t contain 4 H2 elements, then simply don’t insert that code in that post. Another post in that category may have 4 elements. In that case, you can insert it. Keep it simple.
– Package up and deliver as installable .zip – I will test on the latest version of WP

I will test it by uploading to a testing WordPress site, installing, and testing on a few posts.

Budget: $55

Posted On: March 10, 2022 01:05 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress Plugin, Plugin Development

Country: United States

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