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Hi All

We’re previous SMS consultants, testing a new concept. Looking for an expert with experience to run a proper advertising experiment, on either/or Google, Facebook, Linkedin.

Test is to:

A. Get clicks for the advertisement placed.
Target: Australian users, small business or non profits.

B. Convert those clicks into Sign ups on the website.

The advertisement first will gain the clicks if setup correctly and targets the appropriate market with the right incentives, i.e offering free SMS as an incentive.

We will have Wix analytics setup to show who has hit the website.

The website in its current form UI provides enough UI to gain trust for somene to sign up.   
(the website will be soon convert to a proper domain)

Please let me know any questions you may have …

Some questions below if you can please answer.

1.  Which platform (google, Facebook, Linked) do you have experience in and which
    would you recommend using for such a job ?

2. What advertising budget $ should we prepare to spend ?

3. Do you need anything specifically from us ?

4. Do you have experierience in this B2B
    area of SMS or similar from past jobs?

5. Will you show us what your doing, and allow us to inspect the dashboards ?

Many thanks in advance,

Posted On: March 10, 2022 19:05 UTC
Category: Digital Marketing
Skills:Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Development, Google Ads, Google Analytics

Country: Australia

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