Xilnex API Integration with Woocommerce – Upwork

Existing woocommerce website:
https://staging-societya.temp927.kinsta.cloud/ (Staging Website)

To Integrate with Xilnex API
Xilnex is an Inventory Management System

Create a woocommerce plugin to handle the API integration code.

4 Scenarios of API Calls

**Scenario 01 Daily Woocommerce x Xilnex Stock Quantity Syncing**

This is to ensure that each day the entire woocommerce website database has an updated stock quantity count for all its products. This will be a cron job that will take place at a specified timing every day, usually during off-peak hours. We need to ensure the API calls also works well with the Woocommerce variation products.

For Scenario 1: you may use the Sync Stock API: https://developers.xilnex.com/api-reference/sync/xilnexsynchronizecontroller-syncallstock

**Scenario 02 Check Stock Quantity of Products During Add to Cart and Checkout**

When a user on the website adds the item to cart, it will do an API call to double check that the stock quantity exists for the product. This API call will happen again when the user clicks on checkout in the shopping cart page.

For Scenario 2: you may use the Get Item Stocks by Item ID and Outlet API: https://developers.xilnex.com/api-reference/stocks/stockcontroller-getstockinfobyitemid

**Scenario 03 Deduct Stock Quantity of Products Purchased on Woocommerce**

Item that were purchased successfully on the website will need to update the Xilnex database’s stock quantity. This would require us to do a create Sale API call where we pass all the Woocommerce sales data to Xilnex

For Scenario 3: you may use the Create Sales Invoice API: https://developers.xilnex.com/api-reference/sales/saleslogiccontroller-postsaleswithoutcallback
*depending on scenario, to direct create a completed sales, or create a confirmed sales then complete it after shipment.

**Scenario 04 Log Tracking of API Errors and Notifications**

We will need to build a log tracking for us to keep track of any API errors that take place on the website. Will also need to build an email notification system to notify us of API failures.

For Scenario 4: API will return the error message if failed to insert/update data, attached the sample message for your reference.

Budget: $350

Posted On: March 03, 2022 05:07 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:WooCommerce, API, API Integration, WordPress, PHP

Country: Singapore

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