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We are Interested in hiring someone with extreme skills in the coding arena and graphic design to work a highly radical social media platform that will mark the beginning of the 21st century renaissance era.

The development process will take place in the Toronto area for 6-8 months then moving to California to continue the work

We are looking for 4 individuals open to a highly immersive working experience in a live work space.

The team will live together while developing the product with ceo Michael Herken.

The compensation is USD 78,000 per year, a 2% stake in the venture and the opportunity to build the future.


Team members need to be willing to immerse themselves into the work, willing to be part of a once in a lifetime adventure to create the first technological masterpiece in history and, in highly overused words but accurate nonetheless, change the world and free humanity from the current Orwellian slavery.

Someone who does the work because of the work itself.

Budget: $78,000

Posted On: April 12, 2022 04:33 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:UX/UI, Database Design, JavaScript, Web Development, Graphic Design, Web Design, CSS, Across Language Server, Software Developer, User Experience Design, User Interface Design

Country: Canada

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