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I have a number of worksheet that I created for a book. I know how to convert them to PDF but this is what I am trying to accomplish:

1. I want to give my readers access to them on my website so they can download and type directly onto them if they decide to not hand write onto them.
2. All information contained in each document I want readers to not have the ability to change. I just want them to be able to type their responses into each field.

I have not attached anything as of yet because I would like to get pricing. I have 50 worksheets to convert.
Lois Forcet

Posted On: April 21, 2022 16:03 UTC
Category: Presentation Design
Skills:Microsoft Word, Desktop Publishing, Templates, Layout Design, Word Processing, Document Conversion, Word Processors & Desktop Publishing Software, PDF Conversion, Office 365, Branding Template, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Presentation Design

Country: United States

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