Website project using Elementor Pro – Upwork

The website will be and will showcase 100 famous individuals that have ADHD. This is Phase One of the project.

Using Elementor Pro (already installed) and will use the ‘Magic Card Hover Effect.’  

The home page will have the main categories such as Actors, Artists, Musicians, etc. (shown as the ‘magic cards’). When a user clicks on the Category type (magic card), they will be brought to that page which will showcase the famous people in that category.  If the user clicks on that person, they will be taken to a separate page showing more info about that person (but for now that further info link will be # unavailable as the info page is part of the second phase).

I will provide links to lists of people with ADHD for the project.  You will add their name and pictures from the web.  You will also add an About page which will have a picture and small bio about me and about the website (I will provide the content).  You will also create a template that I can use to add other famous people in the future.

*Please note that this website project will be confidential and you will not be able to publicly use this in your portfolio. If you accept this project you must accept these terms.*

Budget: $65

Posted On: March 28, 2022 16:10 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, Elementor, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development

Country: Canada

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