Website Development for Power-bank rental service – Upwork

The job is to develop a website for a power bank rental service.

The key requirements are:

Each power bank station will have a QR code which when scanned will lead to the web page of the particular station.

There the user will need to register with their phone number or email (must be a easy and fast process as user convenience is key).

After which we will need to have a online payment system in place using Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay pay and card.

We will also need a user agreement message for the payment legality.

We are all looking to have a map with all of our stations and details on the main page as well as having a good aesthetic too it.

Finally we will need a admin page/account where we can manage stations and power banks (add new stations change pricing etc…)

This job does require to work with the station themselves I.e. they will need to be programmed to release and take in power banks according to the website.

Everything must be simple and user friendly.

Budget: $4,000

Posted On: February 02, 2022 19:05 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Development, Web Design

Country: United Kingdom

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