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I am looking for a professional web developer to help me accomplish a passion project. I am in the process of creating a company focused on the manufacture and sale of novel exercise equipment utilizing virtual reality and high quality materials.

This project will be ongoing for at least six months and will be a collaborative effort between myself, the applicant, and several other professionals. I am looking to source talented engineers, product design specialists, marketing professionals, those familiar with the "Design To Manufacture" process, web designers, and software/UI designers.

This will be the framework for a new company which will be formed with the expressed intention of creating a catalogue of modern exercise equipment unlike any currently on the market. This product line will consist of VR treadmills, VR exercise bicycles, and a novel VR flight simulating full body workout machine which will use a proprietary UI and interface. These pieces of equipment will be standalone, and will utilize 360 degree panoramic footage of major landmarks, cities, and virtual worlds. Each piece of equipment will optionally include an optimized (or proprietary) wireless virtual reality headset and may allow for interoperability with existing virtual reality headsets.

Each piece of equipment will be designed with the goal of creating as fully immersive and interactive an experience as is possible with up to date technology and materials. The design philosophy should reflect that of Apple and Valve products, where they are compact, efficient, intuitive, clean, and modern. All three pieces of equipment should share the same design philosophy and be built around ease of use for the consumer.

For this project, I will need a skilled web developer (or dev team) to take various ideas, materials, technical documents, and other relevant information and use them to craft a professional and intuitive website which showcases the product lines in a way that will attract fundraising and investment and add legitimacy to the project as it evolves.

I look forward to sharing more with you and working together to make this project a reality!

Hourly Range: $15.00-$30.00

Posted On: February 02, 2022 05:10 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Mockup, User Flow, Style Guide, Usability Testing, Information Architecture, Business with 1-9 Employees, Virtual Reality, Web Development, HTML, Graphic Design, Web Design

Country: Saudi Arabia

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