Web 3.0 Developer / Smart Contract and Website Designer – Upwork

Hello, I am glad you took interest as potentially being a developer in my NFT project!

Here are the requirements
– Have created successful smart contract and website for an NFT collection before
– Python Script; (The artist will create the NFTS, but you must generate the NFTS using python script)
– Understand, and now how to implement basic utility post mint, such as staking.

Payment will be 12% of the total project post mint verified through an E-contract.

This role needs to be filled ASAP, so please feel free to message me!

Please send in any experience you have had in the field!

Posted On: February 03, 2022 00:05 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Website, Web Development, JavaScript, Python, Web Design

Country: United States

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