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Here is a case study.

We have a client who organizes eSport competitions.
In order to differentiate the different competitions, he has 4 websites for each competition.

The 1st website 2KCONTEST (www.nba2kcontest.com) is the main website which gathers the history of the tournaments (results, rankings) organized under the name 2KCONTEST since 2017.

The 2nd site FRENCH BASKETBALL LEAGUE (www.frenchleague.nba2kcontest.com) which is intended for the French competitions and on which the players can find the tournaments, results and rankings.

The 3rd site EUROPEAN MAJOR LEAGUE (www.2Keul.com) which is intended for the European competitions and which is divided into 2 sub-leagues the Major league and the Minor League and where the players can find the seasons, results and classifications.

The 4th site 2K FREE AGENT (dev.2keul.com) which is still under development will be a recruiting platform that will allow players and teams to connect in order for a free player to find a team, and for a team to recruit free players.

The 1st site (2KCONTEST) is not updated anymore and is very little visited because 2KCONTEST does not organize any competition under the name 2KCONTEST. Indeed before 2020 2Kcontest organized French and European tournaments under the name 2KCONTEST.

But since 2020 the European competitions are organized under the name "Major/Minor League" and the French tournaments are organized under the name "French League."

2KCONTEST has become the parent company that owns the Major League (Europe) and the French League (France).

My client wants to simplify all this with the final objective of having a kind of HUB where players would find :
– the rankings and results of the European and French competitions (Major League (Europe) and the French League (France))
– more general information in the form of a blog (General information of 2KCONTEST)
– the possibility to recruit players and to be recruited (2K FREE AGENT).
Desired features :
– Ranking (Competitions)
– match results (competitions)
– blog (information)
– registration of members (recruitment)
– Connection of members (recruitment)
– publication of recruitment ads (recruitment)
– Possibility to see if a player is in a team or is free (recruitment)
– Possibility for a member to change his status (free or in a team)
– Possibility to have a profile with information about the player (recruitment)

The customer wants to use wordpress and the theme: https://themeforest.net/item/arcane-the-gaming-community-theme/17400106.
If you think you can provide a more complete theme to meet the need do not hesitate to mention it.

Your mission will be to study the feasibility of the project with the client’s theme and to elaborate a clear Wireframe that we will submit to the client in order to help the realization of this project.

Posted On: April 21, 2022 23:03 UTC
Category: Prototyping
Skills:Information Architecture, Competitive Analysis, Mockup, Prototyping, Wireframing, Web Design, Interaction Design, User Flow, Sketching

Country: France

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