Update Elementor Widgets for WordPress – Upwork

I’ve purchased the Elementor theme TastyC from ThemeForest, which I like for the most part.  But some of the widgets are clunky and don’t work beyond how the designer has them in the sample.

I’m looking for a little help on two items so I can get my own site moving.  

First one, I have a PAGE template that I’ve build that I really like, but it’s not converting over to a POST template.  I don’t need a single change done to the PAGE template, but when I use it on a POST it gets all kinds of comment / author / metadata stuff embedded on the page too.

The second is one of the custom widgets by TastyC, which works for their demo but sucks on what I want to do with it.  Looking for someone to help tweak that so I can update the site where this widget works for me.  It’s their Posts widget, which is possibly the default Elementor widget here.  I just would like a few items added, probably through ACF (which comes with the template but there’s a challenge of keeping it up to date too), to add a few other elements, plus the ability to style these elements, like I’d like to add three buttons to the bottom of each post and style those buttons.  I can send the change list to qualified applicants, I don’t think there’s anything more difficult than adding buttons.  

Budget: $25

Posted On: April 21, 2022 12:10 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress, Elementor

Country: United States

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