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Expensify is a team of generalists developing today’s leading expense management tool. Maintaining our reputation as an innovative leader in the world of finance requires an incredibly reliable and secure system for processing financial transactions. Accordingly, we primarily leverage time-tested languages, but we’re looking to unify our front-end across platforms. For this, we’re leveraging React Native and are looking toward the community on Upwork to help solve a variety of problems, both big and small, related to this migration.

Please see the GitHub issue for full details:

Your Proposal:

– You *must* post a proposal for how you will fix this issue in the GitHub issue linked above.
– Your proposal should include a technical explanation of the changes you will make.
– Your proposal will be reviewed.
– If your proposal is accepted, you should post the proposal in Upwork and you will be hired for the job.

How to submit the code:

To submit the code, we’ll invite you to our GitHub repository, where you’ll create a fork of our codebase. You’ll create a branch on that fork, and when your code is ready for review, you’ll create a pull request in our repository to merge your fix into our codebase. Include screenshots and confirmation that you have tested the pull request on all platforms. Our engineers will review the code, and approve and merge when the fix meets our requirements.

Please review our Contributor Guidelines before submitting a proposal –

Budget: $500

Posted On: April 19, 2022 11:00 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:React Native

Country: United States

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