Software Developer needed for Marketplace B2B (NOT SHOPIFY) on PHP stack –FULL Frontend to Backend – Upwork

EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE MENTORING MARKETPLACE ECOMMERCE MATCHING SERVICE. FRONTEND TO BACKEND DEVELOPMENT. Developer/Small Business Consultant needed to help set up our online presence: Job Scope: Looking for a PHP developer w website development experience to create an online marketplace that matches consultants/freelancers/side hustlers in education, health care, marketing, and mental counselling with students/adults/small businesses looking for PT mentoring and workforce and college counselling. We need help to develop the MPV and go-live website for the product, and if possible mobile versions as well. THIS IS NOT SHOPIFY or a RETAIL WEBSITE. This is something akin to this B2B portal we are using for education, mentoring, and mental help matching between users and mentors. We need to develop the code for both clients to post solicitations and to match for existing requests, and also set up our logo/email/online presence. We have a great team and great business plan and we are actively recruiting (w equity) for developers who can give their all to help us grow our startup to Day One. Investors want to see the MPV and actual use of our product, and you will help us get there. Ideal candidate has lots of startup experience, knows how to code PHP marketplaces and keep them running, has linkages to small-business tools like email and website domains/servers and logo building, and can help w SEO as well. If the work gets the product running and online, we will consider hiring FT w equity for keeping the code running as the business grows. Must have knowledge of PHP forums, online payment processing services, and ratings and advertising for clients showing their services. If you know how Fiverr works well, you can help us in this untapped space. Exciting times!

Budget: $647

Posted On: April 08, 2022 18:01 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:PHP, Ecommerce Website, Database Architecture, Web Application, Custom PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Web Development, JavaScript, UX/UI, Microsoft SQL Server, phpMyAdmin, Content Management System

Country: United States

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