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Seven page website update
Project propose: make pages compliant with Google Core Web Vitals good standard
1. Resize images to correct sizes (as displayed on website) and save as optimized (34 images) Almost all the images are correctly sized.
2. Convert png and jpg files to .webp (will supply free software link) Quick batch process
3. Search and replace png and jpg with webp
4. Add dimensions to all images
5. Add defer to css and js files (Search .css"more than symbol and replace with .css" defer /more than symbol Search .js"more than symbol and replace with .js" defer /more than symbol)
6. Check all pages to ensure they display correctly
7. Check all pages to ensure they meet Google Core Web vitals minimum requirements using
All the above test metrics should be green = score good
8. If a page doesn’t score good for the metrics the above test will tell you what is causing the issue. It could be a simple oversight or there may be delays caused by script. Changing script from local to CDN can solve that issue.
9. Provide a report documenting Google Core Web Vials compliance. A Word doc with small screenshots of the For each page.
Our expectation is by converting, replacing the images, and adding dimensions to all images those actions should get all pages a good score on all elements.
Upon successful completion of this project, there are six very similar projects that will be posted.  
Competition:: 7 days after the project is agreed to

Budget: $115

Posted On: April 21, 2022 17:09 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:HTML, PHP, Web Design, CSS

Country: United States

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