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I am trying to build a website where visitors can perform a domain search in the first block of the home page and package selection right below it.

1. Block
The functionality I have in mind is to let the user search for anything, display results, select one domain and it will scroll down to package selection. They might manually scroll up and select more domains. The text from "Select" would change "Add another domain".
Here we will use a domain checker plugin, currently, WP24 seems a gay to go, however, we may change to another one, if have a better option.

Now, in the second block, here visitors may add some extras and click buy. We will use any product options/add-ons plugin for this.

3. Design customization.
1. Exclude the registered domains from the results.
The result page is clogged when offering users 500+ domains to choose from.

2. Limit the results to e.g. 5? And then display ‘More’ to load another e.g. 10? And then another 10, and so on.

3. Display the result: ‘ $1.99 for 1st year, then $9.99/yr Select’
As prices for 1st year and renewals may differ, would like to display the renewal price as well.

4. Summarize the selected domain in the second block.
Like ‘Congrats, you have selected, now choose your package’

5. When a domain is selected – slowly scroll down to the second block, instead of jumping?
The second block is called choose. When using ‘#choose’ in ‘Default purchase link’ under ‘Prices & Links’ it jumps.

+ a few more things that will come up when working on it.

Hourly Range: $3.00-$5.00

Posted On: April 17, 2022 08:08 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:WooCommerce, WordPress

Country: Slovakia

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