Seeking Figma Designer for Multiple Site Wireframes – Upwork

!! Please do not contact the business directly regarding this job or comment on the Figma file – your application will be immediately declined if this happens.

I’m seeking a reliable, detail-oriented, creative Figma expert who understands branding and styling to help me create wireframes for 3-5 websites. I can mockup what I want in Figma, but I’m not an expert so I need someone to review my work, understand what I want to do, and then implement best-practice Figma & block design principles to make it look complete.

Your work will become a high fidelity functional prototype for the next step: upgrading the wireframe into a final, branded website design. If your branding and design skills are suitable, we can do this together. Alternatively, I may hand some wireframes off to another niche-specific branding designer.


The goal of each site wireframe is to:

1. Organize the Figma file into groups / layers (my mockups are messy)
2. Capture all essential elements (menu structure, page layout, etc)
3. Establish proportions and spacing
4. Establish good looking font pairings
5. Use filler content (Lorem Ipsum) to get a sense of how the content-complete pages will look
6. Duplicate page twice for Japanese & Thai language versions and insert Japanese & Thai Lorem Ipsum
7. Optimize Japanese and Thai font selections so they look good in those languages
8. Create tablet (portrait) and mobile versions of the pages
9. Then proactively create the other required page templates for the site (blog post, blog archive, etc)

First Task

I am seeking a longer term relationship with someone I can rely on, but I will probably give this first task to a few designers to see who delivers the best result fast.

The first task is to do steps 1-7 above for the homepage from the mockup file here:

This homepage consists of some important elements which should be designed with consideration including:
–  A dropdown language switcher for Japanese & Thai languages
– Blog post previews, and custom post type previews (“project” and “guide”)
– Sticky elements (email opt-in, affiliate recommendation box)

You can see the style should be quite minimalist and the font selection should represent a subtle digital theme (the industry is digital marketing and online business).

Additional Details

All sites will eventually be developed with GeneratePress & Generate Blocks in the block editor of WordPress for performance (so block-based design consideration is important).

WPML will be used for the language variants of the website.


The deliverable for this for this first task will be a completed version of the homepage (desktop) in Figma for the English, Japanese, and Thai versions.

We can then decide if we will move forward with the remaining design work after reviewing this work.

Hourly Range: $10.00-$40.00

Posted On: March 03, 2022 07:04 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:Responsive Design, Wireframing, Mockup, Prototyping, User Flow, Website Redesign, Journey Mapping, Figma, Web Design

Country: United Kingdom

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