Refactor Customer Intake Application – Vue.js + WordPress + CSS + REST API – Upwork

About this project: Rebuild a customer intake application with responsive design, better code syntax, and faster data processing.

Our business website is built on WordPress. It features a customer intake form written in Vue.js. The form is multi-page and receives several thousand views per month. User data is posted to a third-party API. The JSON response is formatted and shown to the user in a responsible format.

There is an existing application already in production. All CSS styles can be replicated in the new product.

The form performs the following actions:
1. Uses conditional logic to choose which questions are shown
2. Validates user input via third-party validation API
3. Posts user data to third-party CRM via API
4. Posts user data to third-party API and receives JSON reply
5. Shows JSON reply as a formatted, multi-choice table
6. Updates third-party CRM as user makes choices from the multi-choice table

More information, including current URLs, will be provided upon project acceptance.

Hourly Range: $20.00-$40.00

Posted On: April 17, 2022 19:58 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Vue.js, CSS, WordPress, API, PHP, JavaScript

Country: United States

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