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Job Position: Ongoing Monthly Lead Gen Website Builder in WordPress Elementor.

You will be building Lead Gen / Rank and Rent Websites for our company.
The industry/niche of these first websites will be Deck Building. But later may include other contractor-related sites, such as Tree Service, Concrete, Fencing, Home Remodeling, etc.

Desired Candidate Characteristics:
Quick and focused work.
Hard working.
Experienced in Web Design and SEO
Experienced in WordPress and Elementor
Experienced in Content Writing.
Some experience with graphic design.
We need you to dedicate enough time to build about 10 of these websites each month.

-You will first be making a duplicate of an existing Lead Gen website (which we will provide you access to). You will duplicate/copy all the content, format, layout, etc over to a new domain name. We will purchase and provide you with access to the new domain.
Note: This job will not be as time-intensive or difficult as creating a website from scratch – you will be using a template site and template content for each site you create and write.
-Ensure you are using WordPress and Elementor to create these duplicate sites.
-The copied website will have a company name. You will go in and change the company name throughout the site to the one we provide. Some graphics-related changes may need to be done.
-You will also rewrite the content on the website so it is original and plagiarism free. Most websites will have around 4000 words of content. You can either rewrite the content using the existing content, or you can write fresh content, whichever you choose.
Note: You MUST install and use Grammarly (free or paid) to check grammar and spelling.
Note: Most importantly, the written content MUST be plagiarism free for EACH new website!

-We want you to make a total of 50 Lead Gen websites for us. If you make them well and quickly we will have you make 50 more Lead Gen websites.
-We need about 10 of these websites made each month.
-The first 2 to 3 websites you create for us will be "test runs" of your skills and speed. If you are not making them how we ask, we will not hire you for the remaining websites. If you make them how we ask, you have secured a long-term partnership with more opportunities to come!

-You will be paid $40 for each website that you duplicate and write new content for, as described above.
-With the first 50 of these websites, you will make $2000! If you do well, the next 50 websites will make you $2000 more! For a total of $4000 in work to be done for us!!
-We will pay you after each website is completed.

Any of the following behaviors will result in termination of employment and contract:
-Writing inappropriate content, ie pornographic, abusive, slandering, etc.
-Communicating in a degrading or harmful way about our company or websites companies or clients.  

We are grateful you are applying for this job!
We look forward to chatting with you and getting to know you more and the skills you will bring to our company!
We also look forward to helping you make more money!
Come join our team!
Feel free to ask any questions you need!

Thank you again!


Budget: $2,000

Posted On: April 09, 2022 00:07 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:SEO, Lead Generation, Web Development, Web Design

Country: United States

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