Need WooCommerce Setup on Established website – Upwork

I am an established website designer that mostly deals in static websites.  I have a license and prefer to use Elementor Pro to design.

What I am looking for is not a complete design, but setting up woocommerce for the website, and we are hoping for there to be 7 searchable categories to choose from, and what I would need is 1-2 sample products set up for each category.  

The "Music Card"/product Sample (1) would have:
(1) 20-second sample/playable music from the song (instrumental) – (free)
(2) a link to download the instrumental music song (pay)
(3) a link (pdf) to download the sheet music for the song (pay)
(4) potential on some of the products to play a full version with singing

We also want a second sample card in each section that is more generic, and says "Request a song of your choice" with the same payment options (download/pay for the items listed on a regular listing.

This is my first ecommerce/woocommerce build – but I have done many static builds.  What I am looking for here is a head start, so I know things are set up correctly, so I can complete the job.

Bonus hours may be available to the right person to assist me with questions as I complete the rest of the build.

Thanks for your time.

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Budget: $500

Posted On: March 03, 2022 18:03 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:Responsive Design, Ecommerce Website, WooCommerce, WordPress, Ecommerce Platform Development, Web Design, Elementor

Country: United States

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