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Hello everyone,

We’ve an existing website that we created using EditorX. We’ve all the pages done and the site is live, but we need someone to fix a few things on the site, like responsiveness and medium blog integration. Here’s the list with all the items:

Breakpoints: We’ve got the breakpoints under control to a certain extent. However, some sections have issues with spacing and positioning when the window is resized.

We need to deal with the following sections in a fully responsiveness. * Web – Widescreen  = 1920 * Web – SD  = 1200  1920 * Tablet – portrait  = 1024  1200 * Mobile – Landscape  = 600 less than 1024 * Mobile – Portrait  = 320 less than 600

Content & Restrictions
Content on the website is defined and set based on the breakpoint. We expect the content to be placed in a way that’s consistent with our design. However, there are some issues with the content:
* The text in some areas has been created as SVG to make it more manageable at breakpoints.
* The content scales in a strange way, in some places it doesn’t appear as expected. * We’ve used grids in a certain way and need help to understand if they’re useful. * We’ve graphics but we don’t know which ones are easy to load and scale. The page loads a bit slowly on older devices.
* We’d need help integrating the site with etc.
* We need help with alignment and constraints in many places. Wix has many types of restrictions. It’s a bit difficult to understand what to use efficiently and where.
* Animations, fills and transitions need help. We don’t really know what to expect and how to apply them on the website. We work with the presets provided by editorX

If you have read this post please type "brown fox" on your cover letter.

We need all this done quickly and only apply if you know what you are doing. Don’t waste ours, or your time to figure out if you’re the right fit.

Here’s the link to our website:


Budget: $200

Posted On: April 21, 2022 13:04 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Wix, Web Design

Country: Brazil

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