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We want to build a wordpress plugin where its easy for our clients or prospects to connect and share marketing data.

Stage 1: WordPress front end
– Visitors can create a user
– Users can create marketing groups
– Each Group will have a list of possiple marketing channels (Look in bottom of posting)
– For each marketing channel the user should be able to auth so the plugin can pull data

Stage 2: Daily data scrape
Each channel should do a daily scrape of data (We will provide the required dimentions and metrics)
This will be stored for further processing

Stage 3: API to call metric
Create a API where we can call a channel, metric and dimention in a time range and get a  result returned.

Further specifications will be provided

Most important is proven experience with working with marketing APIs

Marketing Channels:
– Google Analytics
– Google Analytics 4
– WooCommerce (Via API or plugin)
– Google My Business
– Instagram
– Shopify
– Klaviyo
– ActiveCampaign
– Google Search Console
– YouTube
– MailChimp
– LinkedIn Ads
– LinkedIn
– Facebook Ads
– Facebook
– Google Ads

Hourly Range: $9.00-$28.00

Posted On: April 08, 2022 19:06 UTC
Category: Data Extraction
Skills:Google Analytics API, Instagram API, Facebook Graph API, Facebook Development, Mailchimp Plugin, WordPress

Country: Denmark

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