Marketing Campaign – YAMM to Google Analytics – Upwork

We have a YAMM campaign that we want to track through to a form on our wordpress website.  The problem is that once the customer clicks on the link and gets to our site, we don’t track them all the way through to filling out the form.

We would like to build in sufficient tracking mechanisms into our campaign so we can
1. know a click came through YAMM
2. have a tracking cookie (or something else) that stays with the customer through their time on our site.
3. When they fill out the form and navigate to the thank you page, we want to know that the customer that filled out the form came from YAMM, as opposed to coming to our site organically.  We would like to see these conversions in Google Analytics if possible.

We are currently using for our form, if that makes any difference.

Budget: $500

Posted On: April 08, 2022 22:57 UTC
Category: Campaign Management
Skills:Google Analytics, WordPress, Drip

Country: United States

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