Looking for developer experienced with WordPress & WooCommerce to help with an existing site – Upwork

We currently have a website which was pulled together as a temporary solution for the immediate needs. The developers have finished and have left a half finished product which we would like to simplify and start completing, section by section.

Primary objectives:
We want to simplify both front/back-end, and while doing this, we aim to:
Finalise outstanding functionality through well scoped project sets
And, enhance the front-end customer experience through improved page design / flow

Type of experienced individual:
We are looking to work on multiple phases (each phase a well defined scope of work) on a continual basis. We are looking to keep some consistency by hiring the same person for each phase. We are not expecting the individual to be a graphics designer but we do want the person to keep basic design in mind when designing functionality so our designer is not re-doing work.

Scope of work – Phase 1…

Customer login / management process:
The “Login” tab (header of website) should change when the user has signed in and show a “Welcome, [name]” instead of “Login”. If the user clicks this it should take them to the profile management page.
WooCommernce ordering system must work with the logged in user and if user is not logged in, then should still be able to order but are asked to provide details and option to register for next time. If user is logged in then all the details should not be requested again and it should skip to summary of order (showing address and giving option to change it).

Enable mail communication:
Enable email notifications using our companies mail server (open to how this is done but must be from company email). This is to enable email verification, order confirmations, etc. Currently we have MailChimp installed but not configured.

Save customers payment details so they do not have to enter it each time they buy
Currently using PayFast, determine how we integrate with them so their details are remembered

Page updates:
Sign Up – Redesign standard sign up / register template to be mobile friendly (e.g. tables overflow / squished). Split sign-up and Register pages (current default is combined). Make them go through each detailed page when signing up (step by step).
Account page – Remove Downloads
Log In – Redesigned sign-in page (with small “register here” link underneath), make it more visual . Once user has logged in they are directed back to home-screen with option to order or view menu.
Check-out – Summary page is in a table format and very unfriendly for mobile (e.g. options are squished, table columns are to narrow, delivery options do not align, etc.). Need to change design to be responsive so options flow under each other or use a different template (should be possible with WooCommerce).

Remove unused materials:
web pages, images, plugins, etc. to clean up the workspace and reduce overall size

Posted On: April 17, 2022 20:00 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:WordPress, WooCommerce, Web Design, WordPress Plugin

Country: South Africa

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