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Hi there!
I’m launching my new business and want to ensure when I launch my website, I’m doing it properly!

I purchased a Google Domain a few years ago, and created the website on Squarespace in March. I’ve just requested (in Squarespace) to connect the domain to Squarespace, and need your help with getting this site to go live.

Specifically, I need you to:
1) Help make sure I’ve set up the connection properly between Squarespace and Google Domains
2) Check my Google Analytics to make sure I’ve set it up properly
3) Show me how to create UTM links so that when I post updates on LinkedIn and Facebook, I can easily track in Google Analytics how much traffic is coming from each source
4) Tell me if there are any other vital tags I need to ensure are on my site.

I assume this is a simple job so let me know what this would cost, and how to give you access to my website + Google Analytics account so that you can set it up for me.

Thank you!

Posted On: April 21, 2022 13:07 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Squarespace, Google Analytics

Country: Canada

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