Implement SaaS pricing with Chargebee – Upwork

We need to implement SaaS pricing with Chargebee in our Angular application. The following 3 plants are do be supported.

Free Start
No credit card needed
This plan allows you to get up to 500 units per month.
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Standard Plan
With this plan, customers choose a number of units they need per month and pay a monthly subscription. We can use volume based pricing with the slider to select a number of units per month. We should be able to define a number of units and costs as presented in the screenshot below.
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Custom plan
With this plan, customer tells us how many units they need overall. Based on the customer commitment or total volume of units they commit to purchase over a period of time we want to manually set a custom price per unit.

For custom plans, we would like to charge the customers for the units they used every month (pay-as-you go plan with custom pricing)

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Posted On: April 18, 2022 19:12 UTC
Category: Front-End Development

Country: United States

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