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I’m an expert:

1) Graphic design
2) Digital marketing
3) Managing Instagram pages
4) Creating a marketing plan
5) Create content if necessary

I have all the
to take your business to be number 1

I am innovative and creative and work with a lot of passion.
It’s important to me to promote who I work for as if it’s my business

This is a business I promote and it is one of the most successful in Israel.
I copied the Instagram action plan to show you an example.

Example Instagram Marketing Plan 2022

Change the language and communicate more with customers

Upload more content everyday and lighter photos and communicate more with the client
Posts in week 5-6
3/4 Rails for a week

Story needs to be complex

Questions for viewers and their activation
People who received the package
Penetration products
And products we want to flip
Live images

Live on Instagram
Of models or people who market the brand
An explanation of the collection and the colors that exist on the site

Get into the routine of photography

All the successful standers

It’s pages that work with minimum daily content and high communication with customers and less catalog content

Terminal X.
And Bobo Fashion

Add reviews to Story
People who received the package
People who send messages
And opinions

important points

Collaborations that people have created content on their own

Winning products
Collaboration with content creators and sharing in J1
– [] Pose and models will fly you
– [] Constant customer service throughout the day
– [] and photograph the packaging for Story and Torch regularly
– [] Use of live and personalities

Hourly Range: $25.00-$36.00

Posted On: March 03, 2022 18:05 UTC
Category: Social Media Marketing
Skills:Marketing Strategy, Instagram, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, WordPress

Country: Israel

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