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Hello,I made a website using wordpress (Soledad template) for my activity.
The website contains:
– articles/posts we write
– naturopathic and energetic therapies
– paintings and terracotta manufacts we produce and sell
The website general draft is ready, but it is not set in stone. New ideas or suggestions are required.I would like a person that can honestly tell me what needs to be changed, what needs to be optimized and/or to be made more appealing and he/she should realize these changes.It is important that final result should not be too fancy, it should be seriuos, professional and at the same time not heavy and boringly "fogey".It should reflects what we do: we deal and work with energies with a professional background.The online selling section has to be developed and the extra language options (English and Spanish) need to be added.Once the website is completed, it will require SEO/White hat work.I know that paid ad on google works until you pay for it, so I think SEO and white hat is something that will require more time, but it will be more long lasting, because the website will be properly indexed in seach engines.

Budget: $950

Posted On: April 21, 2022 11:07 UTC
Category: Search Engine Optimization
Skills:HTML, SEO Backlinking, Organic Traffic Growth, SEO Keyword Research, SEO, Landing Page

Country: United States

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