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We are looking for 1 or 2 partners who are passionate about music, create their own music or be interested in starting to create their own music. We are also looking for project team members, those who aren’t partners but connect with the goal of the project and would like to be part of it.

Our Mission Statement: To inspire and guide others to start creating their own music and collaborating with others.

The scope of the project is very large, but it starts small. This is to be a non-profit organization focused on utilizing the amazing therapeutic rehabilitative and spiritual powers of creating music and collaborating and jamming with others.

This project has initial funding of $10,000-$20,000. That is the funding from one of two partners in this endeavor. Meaning we haven’t even opened funding yet, because we have so many options we need assistance with strategizing.

We are building our team now and we care most that you partners bring along a potent passion to the project.

If you have any music composing, creating, recording, studio engineering, mixing/mastering, etc. experience that is great, but not required.

We are looking for partners and team members that fit in one of two categories:

1. Passionate collaborative musicians, who have or have never written their own music.

2. Passionate collaborative non-musicians who have a deep connection to music and always wished they’d been given the guidance to get started creating original pieces of their own.

And within these two categories, the following skills would be very helpful:

1. Computer technician (web developer, network technician, general IT knowledge, etc), in general, with confidence in their knowledge of their field, whatever that may be.
2. Graphic design and digital art, website art, logo creation, merchandise, etc
3. DAW masters (those who have a solid understanding of their DAW, either for midi creation, recording, editing or mixing/mastering.
4. Anyone with studio experience/knowledge in any way or form. Studio engineer (self taught or school certified), studio manager, desk clerk, teacher, etc.
5. Marketing, PR and promotional strategy
6. Fundraising knowledge: community, private, government
7. Law: copyright, business, non-profit, government grants, etc
8. Music teachers, all instruments/voice
9. Music theory and composition experts
10. Video production/editing
11. General management and coordination

The goal of this project is the same as my life philosophy: help yourself find happiness, help others find happiness and accept help from others to find happiness. Meaning, the first step with anyone interested is to figure out how this project can help their life, career goals and aspirations.

This isn’t about money. BUT being an essential part of this can:

1. create a sustainable income for you while doing something you are passionate about
2. give you opportunities to travel to, work in and live in another country
3. the attention we will create, our “buzz” that comes with any special passion-fueled non-profit project, will raise you and your skills/trade up above everyone else, creating lucrative networking and self-marketing opportunities
4. will give you experience in your field of interest if before, during our just after schooling
5. will ignite and fuel your own passion for music creation and collaboration
6. will give you a chance to change the world and help countless individuals gain a powerful connection that will sustain them through whatever hardship they come across
7. will simply give you something to feel good about

We are at the point of developing our base team. So anyone with interest please contact us. There are even opportunities to become a main partner in this endeavor. As in one of three or four major partners.

But we also need those who may not be able to fully commit but can just give us advisement when needed. In law, marketing, IT, etc., any field listed above. Those who can’t fully commit to a huge undertaking but are interested and willing to help in some way are absolutely appreciated and welcomed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email if you have any interest at all. Questions? Want more info? Just ask. And always remember: don’t worry, be happy.

Naf ([email protected])

Posted On: February 03, 2022 09:02 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Business with 10-99 Employees, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing, Merchandise Graphic Design

Country: United States

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