English-Japanese Translator for Initial Rakuten Site Setup – Upwork

Roundabout is an off-the-beaten-path used bookstore and warehouse based in the small town of Greenfield, Massachusetts in the United States.  Most days we process hundreds of books in our warehouse for local business, book fairs, and online sale.  Our team is highly-focused, good-humored, and respectful, with a strong sense of artisanship.  Our current collection consists of about 5000 new books, and 20,000 used books; as well another 10,000 CDs and DVDs.  Historically, we have sold principally on Amazon and EBay.  In 2019, we began developing an ecommerce website through Shopify.  We are now excited to expand our business into Japan and have a goal of creating an outstanding store to showcase our products on Rakuten.  Generally, we intend to use the Rakaten-Shopify automated listing tool to list our products, but will have several areas of work that will require custom translation.

To accomplish this initial setup of our store, we need the services of a an English-Japanese translator to do these jobs:
1. Translate text and captions that we compose for our storefront
2. Advise our design team on what we need to edit our store presentation to be culturally consonant in a Japanese market
3. Coordinate with our designer, Miriam Wells, and the store owner, Raymond Neal, to accomplish these goals, over email, as needed.
4. Translate from English to Japanese a list of template responses to common customer service troubles, to help us when quickly replying to Japanese customers.

Once we have agreed to work together, we would likely proceed by exploring the Rakaten shop setup user interface, with Miriam creating a draft of content to add in English, and then would reach out.  Similarly, we would create a draft of customer service reponses for translation and reach out when the English-language draft was ready.  

Overall, we intend to proceed deliberately with the store, with the plan to complete the initial setup by roughly April 1st 2022.  

Thank you for considering our job!

Posted On: February 03, 2022 03:05 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Japanese to English Translation, English to Japanese Translation, Indonesian to English Translation, English to Indonesian Translation

Country: United States

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